Humanitarian Travel

Uniting and inspiring a global organization

As the world’s 1st humanitarian travel organization, Raptim started more than 65 years ago. Competition was growing. And offices around the world used different company names. Raptim really wanted everyone to come together as one.

Clash of the clients

Religious groups are a majority of Raptim’s client base. But in two key markets, NGOs are the main clients. These groups are sensitive about each other. So balancing messaging and voice was crucial.
Raptim’s employee’s also had a tendency to identify so closely with their clients’ work, communications were often about humanitarian activities and issues instead of Raptim’s core business – humanitarian travel. This was an important issue to resolve.

“Because you care we get you there.”

With such an incredibly rich history, it was hard to resist reading the books and articles written about Raptim over the years. We asked to see everything, including archived materials. This inspired:

  • Brand personality
  • Strong tone of voice
  • Brand story
  • Corporate video of brand story
  • Corporate brochure & campaign flyer
  • Key branding statements
  • Tagline

To solve the issue of the confusion between Raptim and the work their clients do, we created new branding statements: “Because you care we get you there.” and “Travel where you are needed most.”

Putting the story to work

The brand story, vision and mission we created became the core of the new website. We helped solidify the new brand position with:

  • Blogging strategy
  • Editorial guidelines for bloggers
  • Brand manual for employees

And their new tagline united the diverse target audiences and inspired a video campaign, too!

“When people ask what I do, I show them our video. After that, I don’t have to tell them anything else.”