Branding Challenges

A simple guide to the many ways
brands get stuck

Branding challenges


There are a lot of really good brands and companies out there that have been around for decades and offer great quality. You may have been the pioneer or the first. But when the market changes and you don’t, people forget about your glory days – and turn to new brands. That’s when it’s time to look deep into your brand and find fresh ways to engage a new generation.

We’re a business,
not a brand

So what does good brand positioning offer a business? If it’s hard to explain what your company stands for and what you do in 1 or 2 sentences – then you need help with brand positioning. A strong brand position and strategy can unite your people, differentiate you from the competition and focus attention on what really matters. So you can move forward with confidence.

Same old

Isn’t it funny how people get older, and young people keep coming along taking their place in society. The harsh reality is, even if your brand has a lot of loyal consumers who have been with you for ages, they won’t be around forever. So it’s really eye-opening to explore your future consumers – the people you’d love to see become loyal to you in the coming 5-10 years. Once we’ve helped you profile them, you’ll gain new perspectives – and renewed optimism!

An overly
rational approach

Logic has its place in our world. Then there’s the passion that drives that logic. Selling involves rational – and emotional – choices. Because people remember a good story that touches them personally. So even if your world is one of logic, or your clients are also logical, it’s powerful to find a way to deepen your connection. By exploring the world of your brand and speaking like a human (instead of relying on jargon).

Lack of

It takes guts to make a real change. People like things to stay the same, but that’s not how the world works. Markets and consumers change. So there is a real need to keep up with changes. It’s important that those naysayers who resist new ideas understand why change is needed. Make them part of the journey, and they’ll be happier (and more cooperative) as you lead them towards new opportunities.


Sometimes a brand’s proposition doesn’t match the products being sold. Another famous mismatch is price and the way consumers think and feel about the brand. Mismatches lead to disappointment. In these cases, honesty is the best policy. A Brandframe session can help kick-start some real changes, so your brand feels comfortable in its world – and people feel comfortable with your brand.

Unclear competitive

Every brand thinks it’s unique. Otherwise they wouldn’t be out there. Then products get delisted, sales start failing, people ignore you or think you’re just like the competition. But are you? No way! That’s why it’s important to thoroughly understand your own brand – and the wide world around it. With Brandframe’s help, we’ll find the hidden gem in there, so your brand can shine bright.


A brand with products that don’t seem to go together – or branding that isn’t consistent across the line – simply confuses people. Not just consumers, but also your team. Everyone needs to understand how your offers make up a family of products. What’s the overarching feeling? And why has your brand made certain choices? Once there is a good and consistent understanding, everything will flow much more smoothly.

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