Dusting off a trusted brand

After 60 years as a pioneer in organic foods, Zonnatura needed to reconnect with the new organic consumer, in mainstream supermarkets. And their own people felt disconnected, too.

A history of natural curiosity

Zonnatura’s founder played an important role in the history of natural healing. To fully understand this complex story, we began reading, listening and watching.
Getting started called for a deep analysis of:

  • Nutrition reports
  • Videos
  • Strategy and research documents
  • And the founder’s biography

Everyone in the company was stuck in the dusty old world of 1960s health food. But what about the founder’s underlying passion – his natural curiosity about plants, and their amazing power to heal!

After investigation and analysis

Now we knew so much about Zonnatura, we were able to create a new brand position, which we fleshed out with an authentic:

  • Brand personality
  • Tone of voice
  • Strategic brand story
  • Mood board & art direction

Shaping the future consumer

During workshops, we lead the core team in creating Merel, the young and vibrant future consumer. She and her world became the focus of all strategy and communications.

And how nice to see Merel and our strategy featured in the Dutch national newspaper, NRC.


What else did we do for Zonnatura?

  • Creative brief for are design pitch
  • Internal activation campaign
  • Mood video of brand story
  • Consumer communications
  • POS materials