Fair Trade Original

New vision for a true pioneer

Back in 1959, Fair Trade Original began as the world’s first fair fairtrade organization – which sparked a global movement that is growing stronger today. They introduced fair trade coffee to the world – and also inspired the creation of the famous fairtrade certification.

Sharpen positioning, tell their story

Brandframe began our work together with Fair Trade Original by investigating the world of fairtrade and analyzing previous brand positioning work done for Fair Trade Original. Interviews with team members were a great way to get to know everyone and dive straight into the issues at hand. Other work included:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Analysis of food certifications
  • Brand key analysis
  • Pack and logo analysis
  • Brand persona creation

Work sessions with the team

Having the team onboard during the repositioning process makes the work flow so much more easily! And you get lots of good ideas, too. So we created workshops to:

  • Fine-tune the brand key
  • Define the future consumer
  • Discover motivations along the Fair Trade Original chain

Brand story and mood board

We wrote a brand story that sharpened Fair Trade Original’s messaging and tone of voice. The accompanying mood board established a new style of art direction, and introduced a photo library of images that help the brand stand out from the competition – while communicating goals of the brand: to let others have the same opportunities in life as we do.

All this was done in both English and Dutch – for the local and the international market. Other work included:

  • Taglines
  • Category stories and mood board
  • Naming exercises
  • Key words and phrases
  • Brand handbook

Limited edition packaging

To celebrate the switch to fairtrade sugar in the ultimate Dutch treat, hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles), Brandframe worked with our designer, Hayden Roberts. This special packaging became a showcase in supermarkets, and helped introduce the brand to a new public.

Packaging Awards 2018

Brandframe’s work with Fair Trade Original inspired the briefing for new packaging by Proud – nominated as finalists for the Packaging Awards 2018.